Dining is only possible for visitors holding an entry ticket. Fouées (a traditional sandwich) cooked on a wood fire are served from 12 to 1:30pm. Sweet and savoury snacks, hot and cold drinks and ice cream available. The restaurant is open every day from July 9th to August 26th.

The restaurant is not open for individual guests apart from during Amélie’s Fabulous Sundays.

The fouée

Coming from the locally-based cuisine of the west of France, the fouée is a little ball of dough, cooked in the oven and stuffed while still hot, according to each region, with rillettes, butter, or cheese. According to popular tradition, once a week the family gathers by the fire for an evening of fouées. While waiting for the oven to be hot enough to bake the bread, the fouées were prepared with the rest of the bread dough in order to know if the oven was hot enough.